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London Tube – seen by David Mitchell

How the London tube system is perceived by David Mitchell, in his book Ghostwritten… poetry meets imagination and humour. ‘As the fine denizens of London Town know, each tube has a distinct personality and range of mood swings. The Victoria Line for example, breezy … Continue reading

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LOVE cloud over London on Feb 14

This is pretty unbelievable. Just took a screenshot of bbc weather.

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Exit or Way out? – road and other signs – usability, design and much more

Most of us take road and other signs for ‘givens’ without necessary thinking about the complexity of the research that goes into an airport or even a loo sign. (Similarly to web usability standards, road/direction signs have their own usability … Continue reading

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Orwell vs. WikiLeaks

Umberto Eco has a point when he says… Formerly, back in the days of Orwell, every power could be conceived of as a Big Brother watching over its subjects’ every move. The Orwellian prophecy came completely true once the powers … Continue reading

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Noah’s ark – one of ‘everything’ on a flight

Next time you are travelling on a plane…watch out for the following ‘ones’ among the passengers (To every rule there is an exception… on flights from/to Switzerland people look exactly the same – I let the reader choose the right … Continue reading

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