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What Marketers can and should learn from F1 teams

Whilst for some people F1 racing is just cars going around in circles, for F1 fanatics, it is the sum of absolute precision and passion, where small changes make a massive difference. This year Vettel won the championship with only … Continue reading

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CMO forum – ‘101 comments cloud’

Based on 101 comments on the question: What’s the biggest problem in marketing right now? Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Network – #1 Group for CMOs this is how it looks (removed all the English common words)

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Natural born …challengers! – 6 ways of knowing if you are doing ‘challenger sales’!

Buying behaviours changed. Buyers got more sophisticated and knowledgeable over time. They know what they need and to look for. This had a massive impact on what added value Sales People can – and need to- bring to the table … Continue reading

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Value creative – the most important asset for a fast growing brand

Recently, I was told I am good at ‘seeing the money’… ….so I got the task of ‘developing propositions’ as part of my current job. Whilst spending hours and hours answering one simple question ‘what people are happy to spend … Continue reading

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