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Tall, skinny, extra hot…

… Latte. aka the surge of modular selling … Starbucks was one of the first brands to give people the perception of power by letting them’design’ the exact coffee they want. By allowing them to specify size, temperature and the … Continue reading

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Surprise me! – why review websites are ruining our happiness

Since the massive spur of review based e-commerce websites such as TripAdvisor.. it has become close to impossible to be dumbfounded by the quality of the service we get. Just pause for a second and think about it… When was … Continue reading

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In value veritas – the unpleasant truth about value centric project delivery

Most companies buy into the ethos of value based pricing models and propositions as part of their go to market strategy. It is a widely accepted principle to charge for services based on the alleged value the client actually receives … Continue reading

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What Marketers can and should learn from F1 teams

Whilst for some people F1 racing is just cars going around in circles, for F1 fanatics, it is the sum of absolute precision and passion, where small changes make a massive difference. This year Vettel won the championship with only … Continue reading

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CMO forum – ‘101 comments cloud’

Based on 101 comments on the question: What’s the biggest problem in marketing right now? Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Network – #1 Group for CMOs this is how it looks (removed all the English common words)

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