Brexit or No Brexit ?– It is a true tragedy

9 years ago, when I decided to move to the UK, I didn’t know what made this country truly unique.

It is only by living and breathing the British culture that one fully understands the true foundation of this country’s uniqueness.french dog in love with english dog

In the humble opinion of an‘outsider’, it is this very uniqueness this country is on the verge of losing.

The values – what makes (made) Britain, Great Britain? 

Liberalism + Conservatism working as one – Great Britain thrives on the effective handshake of ‘new meets old’. It is enough to look at its governing power, its architecture, its industries…and one can see perfect harmony between progressive thinking and conservative values delivering economic and cultural synergies.

Leadership – leadership is a team effort. Leadership is about influencing people towards a better good. This country exercised great power in tricky international conflicts. It managed to turn the tide in challenging economic and political situations. This country is needed to make an ‘insider’ impact within the EU institutions.

Respect – whilst people might not talk to each other on the tube, it is also a country where one can learn what real respect is. Respect towards hard working people (it is nevertheless a meritocracy based business culture), respect towards the minority, respect towards the vulnerable. Giving up on the idea behind a Union where countries push and pull each other towards a common and shared value system projects the exact opposite message

Just by listening to some of the discussions and arguments raised as part of the ‘Leave’ campaign, Britain is not doing justice to itself as far as the above mentioned principles are concerned.

Border control, economic and political independence are going against everything that this country stands for.

Opting for independence, means giving up on exercising smart power from inside. Opting for independence means a very clear message: Britain wants to believe that the country is stronger on its own.

People in Britain underestimate the harm this referendum can do when it comes to what this country really stands for, in the eye of anybody who fell in love with this country for its value and belief system.


























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