New BAIN & CO website – you just want to read more!!!

After such a long time, Bain & Company (Bain) launched their new site.

Yes, the images are cliché, and there is nothing innovative about the design or site architecture…


God, they got the content right!!!

The perfect mission statement

Why? It shows passion, it is client focused and it does explain what they actually do….every word has its place in this sentence! Just read it…..

‘Bain & Company is the consulting firm the world’s business leaders come to when they want enduring results, and a partner who cares as much as they do about getting them. Together, we find value across boundaries, develop insights they act on, and energize their teams to sustain success. ?We’re passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, our people and our communities, even if it isn’t easy.’

Content on services pages

Unlike McKinsey, Bain does explain more in detail what they do. This is always very difficult to get it right. Either you keep it simple, or you go into detail but then quite often the information is lost!

In Bain’s case, the content just flows! It is simple yet it has weight to it. If you only have 5 seconds you get the basics from the intro paragraph, like this one

‘Some organizations work. They accomplish what they set out to do and their employees are engaged and happy with their jobs. Yet Bain research indicates that only 20 percent of companies achieve that. Bain helps clients improve financial performance and make their organizations better places to work by ensuring the entire organization system is aligned and set up to deliver on the company’s objectives.’

…or if you want more information…much more…you can dig deeper.

Interactive  graphs

A lot of their methods is outlined through visuals and interactive graphs.

People consume content in different ways. Some of us will always be more receptive to visuals, and Bain does that very effectively.

This one is a good example:


A company like Bain could very easily just capitalize on their brand name, but instead, they do talk about specific outcomes and results….

‘What results can you expect? Our diagnostic work leads to tangible goals and ready-to-launch initiatives to achieve them. As an example, one company we helped through such a diagnostic process targeted–and achieved–these concrete objectives:

Reduce costs by $200 million to move relative cost position from 110 percent of best competitor to 90 percent.

Increase relative market share from 0.9 to 1.2; move share of high-profit segment from 40 percent to 60 percent, with a customer retention increase of six percentage points.

Increase share of profit pool from 40 percent of $2 billion to 70 percent of $2.8 billion by expanding into a downstream service business in the most profitable product segments.

Cut SKUs from 100,000 to 2,000; reduce organizational layers in SG&A from five to three; outsource 20 percent of all G&A costs.’


From a content point of view, this site ticks all the boxes for me. No fancy videos, TV channels, apps…but form the moment you land on the home page, you just want to read more!!

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