Noah’s ark – one of ‘everything’ on a flight

Next time you are travelling on a plane…watch out for the following ‘ones’ among the passengers (To every rule there is an exception… on flights from/to Switzerland people look exactly the same – I let the reader choose the right adjective… similar, dull, banker, guilty and so on)

On every other flights, you will find one of these (for long-haul flights.. you have a totally different set of rules that apply, consequently the cocktail below is more relevant for short flights)

So… you always have

  • The one who tries to upgrade every single time
  • The one with the weird music instrument
  • The one with unbelievably high heel shoes (no surprise they ask us now to take those of for screening…in some cases you could even fit in a kitchen knife)
  • The one in the jogging outfit
  • The one who does his big annual shopping in the duty free area
  • The one who starts stressing out even before boarding (the term ‘terminal‘ is just a coincidence)
  • The one who is still asking for directions when boarded…there is only one way!
  • The one who looks would not fit in the seat (and he is the one sitting next to you…if you are real unlucky, you will have two of those)
  • The one who doesn’t understand the concept of hand luggage. (My favorite rule for hand luggage…not the box that you have to be able to fit it in… but the saying ‘if you cannot lift it up, you ain’t taking it with you‘)
  • The one who still doesn’t understand how the table tray works, or for what it’s worth…the seat adjuster or the light button
  • The one who looks he has been travelling for the last 24 hours (and probably he has)
  • The one who tries to chat up the stewardess
  • The one who gets drunk on free drinks
  • The one with the blow up pillow that looks like a guillotine
  • The geek… with the headphone and the laptop… and a camera…
  • The screaming kid
  • The one who spills the coffee (Remember if somebody looks like he will spill something.. Then he certainly will)
  • The one who doesn’t take his coat off
  • The one(s) who take both available armrests… 3 seats… 4 armrests… Do the math! And think of Mr seat B or D… We have two arms too… Though they can be paralysed by the end of the journey… Due this very problem
  • The one who applauds when landed (has anyone ever applauded a cab driver when arriving at the destination?!)

…and the one who is thinking of her next blog…

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