Plain space – John Pawson exhibition in the Design Museum

Everybody should have a bit of ‘john pawson’ in his home.

John Pawson, UK born architecture, famous for its extreme minimalist architecture style.

The current exhibition in the Design Museum in London displays some of his work. I was lucky enough to enjoy a guided tour with one of his architects. Here are some examples.

Warm curves

Have you ever seen a bridge with no horizontal lines?

The Sackler Crossing in Kew Gardens in London ignores one of the most fundamental features of any bridge: the horizontal handrail.  To make this happen, it needed an ‘exception royale’ (yes, the gardens belong to the Queen, so when it comes to health and safety regulations, she can have the final word and go against EU regulations)

This lets the public get as close to nature as possible. No interruptions… a complete ‘see-through’ experience.

For a better image

Brutally honest lines

It is just a bench. But what a bench! The lighting makes it alive! It floats.

No interruptions – no noise

In every piece of his work, the key is to strip everything back as much as possible.

This art is about getting rid of all the ‘noise’ and unnecessary interruptions. The comfort feeling comes from the open spaces that are left behind.

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